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  • Posted Proposed new data structure: Pile to Steven Bakker

    We're all used to working with arrays to implement queues and stacks using shift, unshift, push, and pop. They allow you to keep your data nice and tidy,…

  • Commented on Why do I like simple object system? Object::Simple story.
    Hi, Just curious: how does Object::Simple compare to Moo ("Minimalist Object Orientation") that has Moose compatibility?...
  • Commented on POD speculation
    Hi Chris, Makes sense. I always used "=item" because it allowed me to say "=item B<foo> ( [I<arg>] )", but that only gets you so far. It looks nice, but it doesn't show up in the TOC, and worse, for...
  • Commented on POD speculation
    Regarding the nesting level, isn't it possible to just use =head3 for the functions/methods themselves? My pod2html renders that fine (so does perldoc)....
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  • chris fedde commented on POD speculation

    No one ever reads my doc. Much less the actual pod that generates it. If the topic even comes up it is to defend the use of perl when blub is so much better. Still here are my thoughts:

    I'm pretty much a snippet user and use one that maps sub foo into =head3 foo\n\n\n\=cut\n\nsub foo {\n}

    The main reason to choose a head over a item is the typesetting tradition of TOC elements for all heads. The choice of =head3 leaves room for a =head2 to provide subsections if needed between the predefined =head1 sections demanded by manual page convention. Of course I did spend quite a…

  • Flavio Poletti commented on POD speculation

    Thanks all for the feedback and additional hints. As for me, I don't know if people read my docs (or use my modules at all, apart a few exceptions), but I surely do read them and I find the list of functions/methods in the TOC to be soooo useful!

  • Yuki Kimoto commented on Why do I like simple object system? Object::Simple story.

    Steven Bakker

    Moo is Moose compatibility and less memory without Class::Mop.
    Moo has many features as many as Moose.

    Object::Simple has a few features. The people who read source code at first can understand easily.

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