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  • About: I truly enjoy computer programming. The main programming languages that I use are modern Fortran, Perl, and C. My first exposure to Perl was back in 1998, while working for a geophysics company. Today, 20 years later, Perl still features heavily in my programming work. I am particularly interested in GUI and mixed language programming.
  • Commented on Inline::F2003 - An ILSM for modern FORTRAN
    Inline::F2003 is currently not available on CPAN - that's correct. I feel the module is not yet sufficiently mature to be released on CPAN. For instance, it hasn't been tested on Mac OS X or MS Windows. Although, that will...
  • Commented on Inline::F2003 - An ILSM for modern FORTRAN
    Yes, good question - thank you. My reasoning for calling it Inline::F2003 is to emphasize that it does require a FORTRAN 2003 compiler as a minimum. You see, the key FORTRAN feature that makes this module work is "C Interoperability"...
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    I would like to announce the first release of Inline::F2003. The project features the program "", which performs a matrix multiplication calculation, to showcase the use of Inline::F2003.

    The project's URL is: https://sour…

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  • Grinnz commented on Inline::F2003 - An ILSM for modern FORTRAN

    As long as the word Fortran appears in the abstract (the part of the NAME section after the module name and hyphen), it should be easily searchable on metacpan. Regardless, it doesn't appear that this distribution is on CPAN currently.

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