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    I am now going to talk about my perl 5 code repository, it is located at

    There is a module HollyGame which is about the fastest game kit for adventures/RPGs and so on by using everything in lists, e.g. enemies, sprites lists which are updated every game loop …

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    In coordinating C/C++, the Perl5::Inline module makes perl 5 compatible with perl 6 although CPAN is a bit lost....
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  • Zephyr commented on Perl6 should be renamed Perl++

    I like Onyx.

    "So you know I suggested “Rakudo”, which is kind of a pun in Japanese. It means “paradise”, but it’s also kind of a contraction of “the way of the camel”. And that is in fact the name of the main implementation of Perl 6 but I kind of wish it was the name of the language, or if we’d gone with something else, I was thinking you know “Onyx” or “Zeta”, it’s gotta be something four-letter ideally, like “Perl” was." --DC

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