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  • About: My interests are in Perl5 and Raku. Pretend to be a Rakudo core developer.
  • Posted Class, Role And Attribute Accessor in Raku to Vadim Belman

    Quite ingenious title I used here, but it's precise. This story starts with the following case:

    role R {
        method a { 666 }
    class C does R {
        has $.a = 42;

    What would you expect this to print?

  • Commented on New Role Of Roles In Raku
    It wasn't taken care of perhaps due to overall complexity of the matter. Handling of diamond dependencies is only one element of a bigger puzzle. Only to start solving it I had to get language versioning fixed which required the...
  • Posted New Role Of Roles In Raku to Vadim Belman

    My morning started today with a cup of cold tea and an IRC request. The latter was coming from Elizabeth Mattijsen asking to write a paragraph on my recently merged work on Raku roles. There was a little problem though: I have no idea how to fit it into a single paragraph! And so I was left with…

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