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    Today I got this spam message:

    From: Tessel van Leeuwen <>
    Subject: Invitation: Join the Apps for Europe competition and win 5,000 euro!
    To: undisclosed-recipients:;


  • Posted PHP puzzle to mauke

    So I've decided to make a little PHP puzzle.

    The following program contains 3 test cases that you need to make pass. To do that, you should replace XXX in the assignments to $a, $b and

  • Commented on Cool things you can do with Perl 5.14
    So far I've always used package Foo { method meth($arg) { ... } }....
  • Posted Cool things you can do with Perl 5.14 to mauke

    Perl 5.12.0 introduced This feature lets a module author extend Perl by defining custom keywords, at least as long as that module author knows XS and ho…

  • Commented on C Programming: What is the difference between an array and a pointer?
    Well, that's because (with the exception of VLAs in C99) sizeof is purely a compile time operation. It only looks at the types: sizeof EXPR == sizeof (typeof(EXPR)) (if we pretend C had typeof for a moment)....
  • Commented on C Programming: What is the difference between an array and a pointer?
    Note that there's an interesting parallel between C and Perl when it comes to arrays. Neither C nor Perl have array values (that is, values that represent arrays). When you evaluate an array in C, you get a pointer to...
  • Posted C Programming: What is the difference between an array and a pointer? to mauke

    Why is a raven like a writing-desk? (Lewis Carroll)

    This is a copy of an article I wrote a long time ago. I'm putting it here to give it a more permanent home. Sorry for being off topic again!


    I'm glad you asked. The answer is sur…

  • Posted Exit statuses and how $? works to mauke

    The other day I was wondering about $? in Perl and the shell and how exit statuses work.

    First off, there are two ways a unix proc…

  • Commented on Why you probably don't want to use claws-mail
    I don't quite agree. OK, there's the "doesn't "enable" shit" comment early on, but that was directly followed by a list of concrete questions I had after seeing the documentation. But the funny part is that the answer given by...
  • Posted Why you probably don't want to use claws-mail to mauke

    I've been using claws-mail as my email client for a while. When I couldn't figure out how to do that even after consulting the claws manual, I went to t…

  • Posted Two RegExp bugs in Internet Explorer 8 to mauke

    It turns out there are at least two bugs in IE 8's Javascript regex engine. One of them is widely known, the other one doesn't seem to be.

    Testcase: /^(?:(?=(.))a|(?=(.))b|(?=(.))c)/.exec('bar')
    Correct result: ['b', undefin…

  • Posted Javascript: adding a unique ID to every object to mauke

    This entry is about Javascript, not Perl. It's about object identity in particular.

    If you have two objects in x and y, you can check whether they're really the same object with x === y. Howe…

  • Posted Stripping color codes in irssi scripts to mauke

    So you're writing an IRC script for irssi and you want to strip formatting codes (including colors, bold, underline, etc) from some variable. This is possible with s///, and google will show many…

  • Posted No semicolon after return values to mauke

    Perl lets you omit semicolons at the end of a block. That is, you can treat ;

    OK, but why would you want to do that? The advantage of terminating each statement is that you don't need to do anything …

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  • Aristotle commented on Why you probably don't want to use claws-mail

    Again, it sounds like design-by-programmer. I don’t disagree with your complaints.

    The thing is, the people who wrote a program or have been using it for a long time, no matter how inept its design, will always believe it is quite obvious and easy to use. If you barge in there with a barrage of questions, it’s liable to make you look dumb to them. It doesn’t mean you are dumb, but from their perspective it looks that way. And then the slightest show of annoyance or general attitude will invariably look like a show of entitlement of some sort.

    That’s not how i…

  • Olivier Mengué (dolmen) commented on C Programming: What is the difference between an array and a pointer?

    You should put more emphasis on sizeof for pointers: the pointer has no idea of how many elements it points to.

    int array[5];
    int *ptr = array;
    printf("%zd\n", sizeof(array)); // 5*sizeof(int)
    printf("%zd\n", sizeof(ptr));   // sizeof(int*)
    printf("%zd\n", sizeof(*ptr));  // sizeof(int)
  • Toby Inkster commented on Cool things you can do with Perl 5.14

    p5-mop (planned for Perl core in some future version, perhaps 5.20; currently on GitHub, but not on CPAN yet) seems to fit your description.

    Here's some documentation on the syntax.

  • Shlomi Fish commented on Why you probably don't want to use claws-mail

    Hi mauke. I agree with Aristotle here - your tone in the dialogue you quoted was far too rude. Arguably, I may have erred in this respect as well when I was in a bad mood, but from my experience, you can achieve more by being friendly, courteous, respectful and less demanding.

    I'm not going to stop using claws-mail just because its search facilities are underdocumented, because its search is only part of its general functionality and should not be hard to replace with an external program (given enough time, research and know-how).

  • vitoandre.doria commented on Why you probably don't want to use claws-mail

    Holy Moly!

    Sorry to say that but both of you act like assholes and i am not sure who is to blame more?

    The user entering the channel trolling around or the op responding accordingly?

    Well lets get constructive shall we?
    I too use Claws Mail (under Windows). To be honest nearly all E-Mail Clients suck. Someone said once about Claws Mail "it just sucks less than others" and i think that's right. Its flawed in some ways. Like:
    * Why can't i access my mails while its fetching new ones?
    * The search of course! I too would like to see a simple "Search Body…

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