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  • About: I blog about the dumb little things I'm doing with Perl. I am by no means an expert; if you find that I've done something wrong or in a poor fashion, please correct me! I appreciate any and all knowledge you'd care to part with :)
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    I've done a little more with Perl and web design, but I've encountered a problem that has left me a bit perplexed. There's something PHP does that I'm sure Perl CAN do, but I'm just not sure how. That said, I'm not a huge fan of PHP, and to be quite honest the only function I've utilized has been…

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    That actually seems a bit more fluent to read! /** I do have a question, though. You specified the print function to use the lexical filehandle $log manually - if I'm reading the documentation correctly( /functions/select.html), using select $log would...
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    Awesome! I'd love to attend. Would you be able to provide more details on either event?...
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    So, <STDIN> didn't show. I guess I need to use the ampersand method, eh? What a noob mistake... :{...
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    I've only recently taken on the tremendous task of learning Perl (with the aide of O'Reilly's Learning Perl). I have a little background in programming as I am a Computer Engineering & Computer Science student at the Florida Institute of Technology. Actually, I was a student…

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  • Nilson Santos Figueiredo Junior commented on Hello, World. /cliché

    Just one quick tip. The more modern and recommended way of opening files is using 3-argument open() with a lexical filehandle, like this:

    my $success = open my $log, '>>', 'logfile';

  • Sawyer X commented on Hello, World. /cliché

    Welcome!! :)

    A few notes, if I may...

    First of all, here's a good line from perlstyle: "Perl is designed to give you several ways to do anything, so consider picking the most readable one."

    So don't be afraid to write more readable. It's recommended!

    Now, to nitpick in your code:
    - You should probably open to a scalar ($log) and not just a bareword (LOG).
    - Try to start using "my" whenever you can to initialize variables. If you aren't there yet, don't worry about it.
    - open() should best be called with…

  • commented on Hello, World. /cliché

    A few comments the others haven't brought up...

    1) Larry has explicitly said that you can write "Baby Perl" and it's just fine.

    2) UCF has a pretty good CS department, I dropped out of it at one point so I can tell you first hand it is really nice. Of the schools you mentioned it is probably also the easiest to get to from Melbourne. If you can't tell I grew up beachside, and I'm dying to get back home.

    3) You should come to Perl Oasis next January (or if I get my ass organized, the next meeting).


  • commented on Hello, World. /cliché

    Other than specifying that Perl Oasis will be at the Four Points Sheraton in Orlando on Martin Luther King's Birthday Weekend (January) I have no other details about it yet. will eventually contain the details.

    As for the meetings, is the spot to keep track of.

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