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  • Neil Bowers commented on Give your module a good SEE ALSO section

    Gabor: it would be a useful addition to have some information in the dist metadata. But where the SEE ALSO might link to various types of things, the metadata would have to be better structured.

    For example, we could have an x_similar_to, or something like this, which is for listing modules which provide at least some of the same functionality. This would enable a [more like this] function in MetaCPAN, for example.

    Then we could also have x_superseded_by, x_deprecated (discussed elsewhere as well, I know)

    Would be even better if it had some more ontological juice, but…

  • Toby Inkster commented on Don't be afraid to rename your module / dist

    Yes, posting a comment from the "Preview" page is broken.

    The workaround is to preview, then hit back, (if necessary, edit it some more, preview again, and go back again... until you are satisfied with your comment), and then post the comment. You need to post it from the first comment form you started using, not from the preview pages.

  • Ether commented on Give your module a good SEE ALSO section

    Something to remember for all of Neil's excellent posts in this series - if you don't have any distributions of your own that you can patch, you can patch other people's distributions!

  • Neil Bowers commented on Give your module a good SEE ALSO section

    Bit of wishful thinking there @ether? Got some nasty bugs you're hoping someone else will fix for you? ;-)

  • Mohawk commented on Classify your RT tickets on CPAN Day!

    Would it be an interesting way to engage people's competitiveness in having a separate "RT weekend", so that the score being kept is how many RT (or github, or...) tickets get marked as resolved?

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