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    @BooK: My git-log parsing
  • Posted AI Challenge 2011 - Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl to mj41
    The AI Challenge Fall 2011 (sponsored by Google) is all about creating a computer program (in any language) that controls a colony of ants which fight against other colonies for domination.
  • Commented on Unexpected PITA progress
    My TapTinder ( , ) is related a bit, but also not as much progress as I wish....
  • Commented on Help newbies, your project and the community - README
    I have some projects not available on CPAN yet: TapTinder - Continuous integration and automated testing tool for software engineering. Has been used to watch Parrot VM changes for a while. See SysFink - UNIX Security tool...
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  • Adam Kennedy commented on Help newbies, your project and the community - README

    I would absolutely recommend Padre as your contribution project.

    They can see the benefits of their work in their own editor, there will be an active IRC channel for them to visit while they work, and there's even crazy fun code like Swarm to muck around with (like stealing other people's code, or injecting file.exit commands directly into other people's editors) :)

    We'd be glad to have them in the project.

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