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  • Commented on What should Rakudo-js aim for first?
    Have you thought of targeting webassembly? This looks more like the future than javascript...
  • Commented on Getting Started
    Good documentation on the language is a must, like the Camel book or I'm finding it difficult to form a coherent picture of Perl6 the language to be able to start writing apps. On the issue of convincing the...
  • Posted The Definitive Guide to Catalyst book to Mike

    Is the book worth buying?

  • Commented on The best widget set to create a GUI program in Perl
    Thanks for the suggestions, I've looked at Wx, Qt and GTK and thought about HTML, Javascript, etc. Most of the time I want a simple application that allows me to display results from what is originally a command based application....
  • Posted The best widget set to create a GUI program in Perl to Mike

    Suggestions are welcome in which widget toolkit is the easiest to learn and use to create a GUI program in Perl. Most people suggest using Java and Swing as the easiest and the most accomplished language and widget toolkit to use. Yes, I could use Java and Swing but I would prefer to use…

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  • Aaron Baugher commented on Getting Started

    I suppose we're spoiled from having such comprehensive, accessible documentation built up over more than two decades. This isn't just a Perl 6 thing; when I work with other languages and APIs developed in the last several years, the documentation tends to be brief at best. With Perl 6's core, I'm generally able to find what I need, so I don't have any complaints there. I think it just takes time for docs to develop the kind of depth that really gives you a feel for the language.

  • j1n3l0 commented on What should Rakudo-js aim for first?

    I would say target plain old JS for a start. All the other stuff can/is done in plain old JS :)

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