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  • Posted Dezi::App completes Doozi release to karpet

    The final dependency for Dezi has been released as Dezi::App on CPAN. In addition Search::OpenSearch::Engine::Lucy 0.400 has been released which supports Dezi::App.

    Read more about it on the Dezi site.

  • Posted Dezi 0.3.0 released to karpet

    Dezi 0.3.0 (the Moose release) was just pushed to CPAN, along with its dependencies:

    • Search::OpenSearch 0.400
    • Search::OpenSearch::Engine::Lucy 0.300
    • Search::OpenSearch::Server 0.300

    Many thanks to all the testers and to those who have encouraged me on…

  • Posted Template::Plugin::Autoformat resurrected to karpet

    After languishing in a dark eddy for several years since it was spun out of Template Toolkit core, I have adopted the Template::Plugin::Autoformat module and just released version 2.75 to CPAN.

    The biggest change is how you USE it in your templates. The new version switches to initial cap …

  • Commented on Doozi: Dezi + Moose
    Thanks, jnap. Yes, I am using Moo in lower-level dependencies where I don't need the meta object. Search::Query and Search::Tools have already been converted to Moo. I've basically decided to use Moose if there are dependencies that require it, and...
  • Posted Doozi: Dezi + Moose to karpet

    I have been working on the project now called Dezi, in one form or

  • Commented on Building a Sexier CPAN Search
    Makes total sense. Keep up the good work!...
  • Commented on Building a Sexier CPAN Search
    There's Search::OpenSearch::Engine::KSx with which you can use Search::OpenSearch::Server. There's no REST API yet, but it's been on my todo list and if you were interested in collaborating on the design, it could rise to the top sooner. I have nothing...
  • Commented on Building a Sexier CPAN Search
    Great work. But why ElasticSearch? Can I help you get it working with a native Perl search, like KinoSearch?...
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  • Olaf Alders commented on Building a Sexier CPAN Search

    One of the things we wanted was an easy to use RESTful API and ElasticSearch provides this out of the box and seems to meet our needs so far. We're using the ElasticSearch Perl module to do the indexing, though.

    To be honest, we went with ElasticSearch on the recommendation of one of our local PerlMongers. We don't know a lot about KinoSearch. Does it have a built-in web server and API?

  • Olaf Alders commented on Building a Sexier CPAN Search

    Thanks for the follow-up on that. I think if the REST API had already been in place, it may have been a good fit, but at this point I'm just interested in getting up and running as fast as possible (without creating any more work for myself). But yeah, top-to-bottom Perl certainly would be nice. We just don't have a lot of people behind this right now, so we need to find the fastest way to get from A to B.

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