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Perl Startups:

In today's Perl startup post, I interview Luke Closs, the CTO of, a startup founded in 2009 to help ... well, I'll let Luke tell you.

Perl Startups: Lokku/Nestoria

In the first part of the "Perl Startups" intermittent series of blog posts, I interviewed JT Smith about the Lacuna Expanse. For the next post, I was very interested in Lokku/Nestoria. Many of you probably don't know much about them, but I learned about them when I was living in London and found them to be a great company and nice people. Recently I interviewed Alex Balhatchet (CPAN account, the CTO of Lokku/Nestoria and his company's love of Perl and the Perl community.

Perl Startups: Lacuna Expanse

Lately while there's been discussions of various new (for varying definitions of 'new') companies who have chosen Perl, there's not been a huge amount of discussion about how they use Perl. I contacted JT Smith of Plain Black Corporation and he graciously agreed to talk about The Lacuna Expanse, a MMORPG with a Perl backend.


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