First Edition

Being a bookish type I am always on the lookout for new stock. One thing to avoid in a bookshop is probably the computer shelf, although I always do check it out. Good job too! On a recent trip into our more remote rural areas I came across a little gem.

Larry Wall & Randal L. Schwartz. PROGRAMMING PERL. January 1991 1st printing

The very first edition of the book was on the shelf in front of my eyes sandwiched between a Win95 book and some other item of even less consequence. A taller format than the current O'Reilly books, it is complete with a 16pp 'Quick Reference Guide' ,…

The Mail Archive

The Mailman archive is not always implemented on mailing lists (although on perl-mongers it is), but often it would be advantageous to have something slightly more accessible, and more importantly something more open to the non-perl community.

I found The Mail Archive some while back which members of certain non-programming groups I am on have found an easy way to keep on top of posts to their mailing lists rather than reading emails mixed in with other emails & having to generally handle them on a daily basis. So I added the ="http:/…

Must remember to keep my mouth shut :(

Over the past year I had posted queries to our local perlmongers group za-pm and received substantial help from the inmates.

Looking at things Perl I noted that on the site that we did not have a flag planted on the map. Querying this I found that the group leader (I never knew there was such a thing) had gone awol and that his emails were bouncing.

Reporting this with glee to the list & asking the leader to please stand up and be identified got me voted into the hot seat before you could write a perl one-liner.

Having disposed of other encumbrous duties I re…

About a casual coder

user-pic I opened my mouth without thinking, and now I am leader of the za-pm group. These will definitely not be technical blogs!