Why i landed up learning Perl and made it as a career

It was early days of my college life in 2002, I was into Engineering of Electronics and communication stream in a decent university in India. I wanted to explore things, surfing on internet and downloading and learning applications were my hobby , It were the days of dial up, where i need to download at 56.6 kbps line, where i can download 1 MB in i guess 20 min or so,

However i managed to made my collection of internet softwares.

It was mostly installable software on Windows 98 which allows one to create a form which will email all the fields filled.

So it works on cgi-lib.pl , create a script which if placed in cgi-bin folder will email all the fields filled on form in browser.
The software will create this form.

I liked it, then i installed windows frontpage, which will actually allow me create real websites.

One such application i remember create was a website in which i can display emails of my friends in college. So it was like this, i will create a form in which friends from my college will enter their emails and that will get emailed to me, i will just next day edit the detail page of website manually and enter the friend email and name.
I was able to get this website url displayed on Notice board on my college and hurray. Also i remember taking a free url from a company called 2ya.

Another application i remember creating was:
In my college days i remember we used to get the college results on paper / notice board , there was no such thing as via internet, but when i entered second year in my college a website started displaying this information on internet(for the university), what i did was , since the roll number was in serial order, i managed to create a crude crawler, get the results of my class of about 90 students and store it in flat file, then in second step save the result of each subject of a student pipe separated in a row in a flat file again. (since i don't know what a database was).

Now i had the result so, i made a report utility to analyse the result and i was able to create a report of student performing well and worst in class.

I also remember creating an email2mobile script. I was able to create a script which will accept emails on my mailbox and sms that contents (first 160 chars) to a my mobile.

Later i completed college, made a career in perl ,
released modules on cpan, became the perl monger list leader of New Delhi (India).

Today i am proud to be working in perl, the language i learned in my college days, the language which was so easy which i can connect even after not having a solid computer background. The language which i so old yet it is so young to be able to use in even the smallest of applications and also in complex applications.
The language which enables one to 'make difficult things easy and yet making difficult things possible to code'.
There are really more than one way of doing things.

// Abhishek Jain
A proud perl user

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