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London Perl M[ou]ngers August Social, 2010-08-05, Piazza delle Vettovaglie, Pisa

By a happy coincidence, the regular London Perl Mongers social meeting falls on the second day of the YAPC::Europe Perl conference in Pisa, Italy. We shall be holding it at the /users/acme/2010/07/index.html

Comment spam

I'm getting comment spam every day or so on this blog. Any suggestions for cutting it down?

About acme

user-pic Léon Brocard (aka acme) is an orange-loving Perl eurohacker with many varied contributions to the Perl community, including the GraphViz module on the CPAN. YAPC::Europe was all his fault. He is still looking for a Perl Monger group he can start which begins with the letter 'D'.