Perl 5.12.4-RC1 is now available

Pheasant is pleasant, of course,
And terrapin, too, is tasty,
Lobster I freely endorse,
In pate or patty or pasty.
But there's nothing the matter with butter,
And nothing the matter with jam,
And the warmest greetings I utter
To the ham and the yam and the clam.
For they're food,
All food,
And I think very fondly of food.
Through I'm broody at times
When bothered by rhymes,
I brood
On food.

-- Ogden Nash, "The Clean Plater"

I've just uploaded the first release candidate for Perl 5.12.4 to
PAUSE. You should be able to find it at:

Here are the changes:

SHA1 sums for this release are:

c46cfc3016367115898d9de8d61847d090b6bd18 perl-5.12.4-RC1.tar.bz2
820fecbd90f645306818a92bffdd5af585ad41df perl-5.12.4-RC1.tar.gz

It's very important that you test this release with any software written
in Perl which you use or maintain. If no "showstopper" class bugs are
found in the next few days, we will release a virtually identical
tarball as Perl 5.12.4.

Cheers, Leon.


Link to changes file is broken (extra
at the end)

It builds and tests just fine on Solaris 10 (64-bit, threaded).

After the broken 5.14.0 release on Solaris ( I plan to more rc testing :).


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