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New "dot" feature

I wrote the following email to the Perl 5 Porters mailing list a few days ago. I thought you might enjoy it.

Hello Porters,

I had a dream that Perl 5 had moved from using -> to using . like most modern languages. And moved the existing . for concatenation to ~ like Perl 6. Then I wrote the code and was shocked how tiny it was.

I have this in the leonbrocard/dot branch, but is is really one commit:

About acme

user-pic Léon Brocard (aka acme) is an orange-loving Perl eurohacker with many varied contributions to the Perl community, including the GraphViz module on the CPAN. YAPC::Europe was all his fault. He is still looking for a Perl Monger group he can start which begins with the letter 'D'.