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WWW::UsePerl::Server was a Perl-specific blogging website created by Chris Nandor and hosted at Geeknet. It was up from early 2001 until late 2010. A little over a month ago I started a project along the lines of Archive Team to save historical Perl websites and keep the content going.

I've just released WWW::UsePerl::Server to the CPAN. Using this module you can host your own mirror:


London Perl Mongers Technical Meeting 2012-05-31

London Perl Mongers organises technical meetings every two months. The technical meetings are a chance to find out what has been going on in the Perl community, what techniques people are using and how Perl integrates with other software.

The next technical meeting will be on the 31st May 2012 from 7pm to 9pm (you may arrive earlier, please sign in at the reception). You have to sign up to attend, see below.

This meeting is sponsored by Webfusion and will be held at the Conway Hall. Many thanks to Barbie, Webfusion and everyone involved for allowing us to use this wonderful ve…

About acme

user-pic Léon Brocard (aka acme) is an orange-loving Perl eurohacker with many varied contributions to the Perl community, including the GraphViz module on the CPAN. YAPC::Europe was all his fault. He is still looking for a Perl Monger group he can start which begins with the letter 'D'.