YAPC::Europe Day 2

Yesterday's attendees dinner in Sachsenhausen was excellent and we did indeed have Apfelwein.

The day started off with Curtis Poe explaining to us the agile manifesto. I think he was trying to get us to all launch startups or at least reengineer our current employments.

Then Clinton Gormley presented To infinity and beyond: Storing your Moose herd in ElasticSearch" where he talked a little about ElasticSearch, a little about scaling and a little more about object mapping.

Sawyer X presented Asynchronous programming FTW! where we went through IO::Async, POE, and AnyEvent and how to think in callbacks.

Bernd Ulmann presented Array programming for mere mortals where he scared us with APL.

Alberto Simões presented Building C/C++ libraries and applications with Module::Build‎ and went through all the options.

Then it was time for my talk: The Fallacies of Distributed Computing which was a general talk about how network are useful but there are some things you need to keep in mind.

I'm currently in Matt S Trout's Distributed Daemon Discovery which is a nice little story.

After that we have another hour of lightning talks and then off to Beers for Engineers...

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