YAPC::Europe Day 3

The third and last day of YAPC::Europe and everyone is a little tired after all the socialising and thinking.

This morning there was a little presentation about YAPC::Europe next year in Kiev, Ukraine. Should be cooler!

Stevan Little presented A MOP for Perl 5 which sounds like he's chosen a very simple syntax for nice concise OO code (and a backend).

Kenichi Ishigaki presented CPANTS: Kwalitative website and its tools where he explained the story behind taking over CPANTS and improvements he has made.

Shawn Moore presented Moose Role Usage Patterns to a very packed room where he explained some useful patterns behind roles.

Philippe Bruhat presented Organizations of the Perl community where he listed the many and varied Perl organisations, how they came to be and what they are doing now.

Mark Keating presented Adventures in Marketing: Part Two where he explained marketing Perl over the last year and plans for this year, such as learning Perl, a Perl desktop environment and more.

Karen Pauley presented The Perl Foundation Review 2011 - 2012 where she explained the many and varied things that the Perl Foundation has achieved in the last year, such as the great success of the Perl 5 Core Maintenance fund.

Then Matt Trout presented the final keynote State of the Velociraptor where he detailed the last year of Perl.

And then the lightning talks. And then it was all over...

Another excellent YAPC: many thanks to all the organisers!

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I hope you guys release the recordings of some of the talks.

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