Missing YAPC::Europe

I was really looking forward to YAPC::Europe next week in Kiev. The talks looked great and I was looking forward to seeing the Perl community. However, for work reasons I won't make it. This sucks.

What conferences should I go to instead?


I don't know your schedule or what is striking range for you, but there's the German Perl workshop in Q1 2014. Not sure what's in between that you can do, but if you can go as far as Japan, then YAPC Asia is pretty amazing.

Good luck --john

I may be biased but YAPC::NA 2014 has a great sound to it!

I too will not be there :( so it looks like Leo has won :)

I believe last year there was only the three of us that were left, having attended every single YAPC::Europe. Assuming that Leo is going of course.

I was wondering that if you can't go, perhaps there's other ways you can participate? For example I imagine there's going to be some videos, and it would be great to have someone watching stuff and reporting on it, or someone just doing some more general reporting and advocacy,

YAPC::Asia, of course. :) We've both been there in 2008; would be nice to see you there again.

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