YAPC::Europe Day 1

A day of two breakfasts, one at the hotel and one at the conference venue (more Баница) while meeting everyone.

First big announcement of the day was that YAPC::Europe 2015 will be in Granada, Spain.

And then the first talks of the conference. I chose to attend Welcome to Auditing and toughening as part of the Security Development Lifecycle which was an interesting look at how hardening a system is just a small part of the security development lifecycle. John highlighted the importance of a threat model and how avoiding vulnerabilities as early as possible is the only way to go. He went though a few practical examples of where was the best place to fix

Over sandwiches at lunch we had a little discussion about the compromises between fixing vulnerabilities and maintaining backwards compatibility.

The Wi-Fi has been a little spotty, but mosh make it usable.

Next up was Code I'm proud of: where Thomas explained lots of little hacks, from passwords and Bread::Board to microblogging.

Next up, Video and audio with Perl and DLNA (and Chromecast) where Max explained the various componnets of DLNA and how he implemented themin Perl. There was a little detail on working around broken media renders and then some live demos.

Then "Welcome to Home Automation With Perl" where Maroš explained the various components of a Z-Wave network. He then explained why he settled on using Vera and thousands of lines of Lua.

I haven't been keeping up on Perl6, so I attended "Welcome to Rakudo Perl 6 and MoarVM Performance Advances" where Jonathan explained that Perl 6 is mostly there. He went through a crash course on compilers and then explained all the optimisations implemented over the last year, with lots of details on the MoarVM specializer.

And then my favourite part of the conference: the lightning talks! Always hard to summarize, but there were both practical and funny talks.

I skipped one talk and then it was time for the conference dinner. We took a bus to a lovely restaurant by a lake, had some tasty food and some of us participated in some folk dancing. I think this will have to become a regular YAPC event. Will there be dancing in Grenada next year?

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The "Welcome to " is not part of the talk name, it's just a fixed string on every talk detail page. Case in point: "Welcome to Welcome to YAPC", which is the only talk title really starting with "Welcome to": http://act.yapc.eu/ye2014/talk/5661

See also http://act.yapc.eu/ye2014/schedule and http://act.yapc.eu/ye2014/talks

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