YAPC::Europe Day 2

Just while I was having a shower, the hotel had a 5-minute power cut. I decided to walk down the stairs to breakfast.

Another day of two breakfasts, one at the hotel and one at the conference venue (even more Баница) while meeting everyone.

Today I've mostly stayed in the "Devops" track as I've been doing a lot of web operations recently.

First talk of the day: SyContent - Content in the Cloud with V8. Torsten took us through the history of content management systems. He explained how he thinks content management should work, with Perl, PHP, static JSON files and V8.

Then Docker with Perl - an Introduction where Denis explained what Docker is and how he suggests we use them with Perl, although he doesn't run Docker in production yet. He explained that it really comes out of a DevOps culture. I currently use Docker to package the applications on my personal servers, so perhaps I'm a little too experienced for this talk. I particularly like the Docker workflow.

Then Create your containers with perl. Marian started by pointing out that containers are old and have only recently become interesting. He explained how he started using LXC, but kept patching it and eventually decided to reimplement it in Perl. He went into great detail into how containers work and how to implement them.

A quick lunch later with a bit of talk about opportunity cost and the fact that Booking has quarterly bonuses.

Next up, Automatization Network infrastructure. Naim explained that ISPs have lots of network devices and need to manage them automatically. He covered protocols and their limitations (mostly slow, lack of authentication and lack of standards).

Then Devops Logique. Matt took us on a journey from the past about the history of configuration management (from cfengine to nix) and packaging systems, and why they all suck.

In Perl in the Cloud - Update, Denis gave a quick introduction to the types of cloud "less OPS more DEV" and what has changed recently. Quite a lot of changes with the PaaS space, with DotCloud selling off their PaaS business and instead concentrating on Docker and OpenShift and Stackato doing well. He ended with a live demo.

And second day of the lightning talks, always my favourite part and very hard to summarise. Topics included: New modules, 3D graphics, civic hacking, inventing the matrix and creating a new templating language.

Then Matt gave State of the Velociraptor where he listed all the good things that have happened in the last year.

I have to head home early tomorrow but I've really enjoyed this YAPC. The talks were great but I also really enjoyed meeting everyone. Thanks to the organisers and the sponsors!

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