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The Database That Ate the Census - Release 2

After a substantial round of tweaking, I've managed to assemble a more complete and non-broken release of the Australian 2006 Census (in formats that don't suck), focusing on the SQLite version.

This second release resolves my previous problems with the broken SQLite file, and supplements the 45 raw tables (and 7600 raw columns) with a table metadata table, a column metadata table, and a hierachy table that will allow the generalisation from the raw Census Collection Districts (around 200-1000 people) into larger areas …

This is a test

This is also a test.

I'm hoping this will let me finally leave and move to somewhere that supports more-interesting post elements such as pictures and what not.

For example, when I talked about Padre's iconography a few months ago, I would have preferred greatly to have been able to show this.


And now, thankfully, I can do that kind of thing.

Of course, for reaso…

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