Migrating from use.perl.org to blogs.perl.org?

Since my last post, blogs.perl.org has stabilised and gotten much more usable.

The question now is, how do I switch over?

I've got 5 years worth of regular journal entries on various Perl topics and opinions, most of which I've very much like to keep as I move over.

So how would one go about that? Is there any way of extracting all of the posts from use.perl and importing them into blogs.perl?

If not, could there be?


I'm sure someone will write a migration tool relatively soon. If no one beats me to it, I'll probably put something together over the holidays to scrape use.perl and shove it into blogs.perl. Thank $DIETY for WWW::Mechanize.

Personally I wonder why you’d want to move them over. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, those entries already have URIs, and importing them here would be a backward-incompatible change. You also quite simply can’t move the comment threads across in a sane fashion. So importing them to here would severely degrade the quality of the archive.

Is there a serious upside to having them here as opposed to there?

(If you want to make a backup somewhere for your own purposes, that’s a different issue, mind.)

You may be able to extract all the blogs from use.perl.org via webscraping. However, a problem when posting them again here, is that most likely you'll lose their original posting date.

Unless the admins of this site here provide a means to backdate a post?

And how about the comments to those journal entries on use.perl.org?

Perhaps the best you can do, anyway, is to provide a link to the original post.

@bart: there is a "publish date" available for each entry. You can change that date, though I confess I haven't tried it.

@bart, @ovid see my comment, and the thread on Limbic Region's post. Essentially look at my UsePerl distributions as they can grab posts, comments and can keep the threading, date, etc. At least from use.perl.org. Getting them into blogs.perl.org is another matter, which I believe Limbic Region was planning to look at.

"backward-incompatible change?" Where did I document a public API for my perl-related rants that specified use.perl.org URLs?

As for why someone would want to move them over, it seems pretty obvious to me that, if you find what someone writes interesting, you might want to read their previous writings without googling around for people using the same alias and guessing whether they are the same person.

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