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CCAN heads past 50 modules

Several years ago at OSDC::AU I was lucky enough to run into Rusty Russel three breakfasts in a row. He was at the conference to deliver a keynote on why C is awesome and all us scripter types should learn it.

I mentioned that I'd tried a few times to switch to C but I'd found the lack of any kind of CPAN pretty much crushed my soul each time I tried, because I kept wanting to make one because C and Perl are very similar languages (to me at least, compared to things like Python or Java or Haskell).

By the end of the conference he was hooked on the idea, had taken over developm…

SmartGit - Finally a Window git client that doesn't suck

I've struggled a bit to start blogging again after the demise of use.perl.org.

I was so used to it's ways, it's foibles, and the mass of historical posts to refer back to that I've struggled a bit to bring myself to post here.

But having finally gotten past one of my biggest barriers, I find myself motivated to try and push a post through to completion (there was something to be said for use.perl's one-shot approach to posting, at least you couldn't procrastinate and abandon the draft once you started one).

And this momentous event?

The arrival of git as a vers…

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