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Around Christmas 2009 I took over, a first-generation implementation of Aspect-Oriented Programming for Perl based on Hook::Lexwrap

Over the last year and a half I've expanded functionality, cut back dependencies to a minimum, optimised the hell out of it, and written a ton of documentation and a comprehensive test suite.

This second-generation implementation has now reached about as far as I can take it without resorting to exotic XS code to replace some of the exotic Perl code. So after a final 2 week sprint to smooth off some ugly corners, in the next few days I'll finally be releasing version 1.00 of

I'll be talking more later about some of the more interesting things you can do with Aspect-Oriented Programming. What I'll also be trying to do is focus on actual useful things, and avoiding as many as possible of the utterly batshit insane things that lets you do.

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Can we see some of the insane stuff too? :)

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