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Padre::Task 3.0 - Smaller and safer with full service support

Padre 0.90 is a very important release in the maturity of the Padre IDE, as it represents the closest to what you might call a Beta that we've produced.

And it's certainly the best and most stable release since late 2010. But looking forward to 1.0 there's one glaring project-level issue left.

Once we do a "stable" release, we should finally be aiming to achieve fairly decent back-compatibility. And Padre has definitely tossed aside back-compat in exchange for faster development at every opportunity so far.

So if we're going to do a 1.0 release, we probably should take…

Padre is starting to smell a little bit like 1.0

The first half of 2011 was a bit of a slow period for Padre.

I was distracted with getting wxFormBuilder integration to a working state, Ahmad Zawawi was distracted by his efforts to build our own Scintilla wrapper instead of waiting for Wx to upgrade, and the broken threading had people annoyed at Padre's bugginess (and me) and not wanting to contribute a whole lot.

But with the problems of background threading, rapid GUI development and having an editor widget we can actually control solved, things are starting to move forward again rapidly.

We've also seen a recent …

Padre 0.88 - Internals refactoring completed!

Padre 0.88 has just been released.

Update: This is not the actual release announcement, just a couple of big changes that I think deserve some coverage in depth.

This is an immense release for the Padre team, the changes file entry alone is 140 lines.

Most importantly, this release completes the refactoring work on a number of internal subsystems.

Padre's threading architecture Padre::Task has been returned to…

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