Padre 0.94 makes big strides in day to day usability

The march towards 1.0 continues for Padre, and the latest release represents a big step towards that goal.

Over the last couple of months there has been a huge focus on the core editor GUI features, and making sure they are all as glitch free as possible and high usable for day to day operation.

This focus on polish is particularly evident for me in the Find and Replace related code, which is smoother and more functional than it has ever been.

I find myself routinely leaving syntax checking and version control markers on now, where before their various glitches would make them too annoying for me to use.

The other exciting improvement for me in this release is that all the parts of Padre needed by the Padre::Plugin::FormBuilder plugin now work properly.

This means that I can finally do a long-awaited "proper" production release of the Form Builder plugin, and finally bring cross platform GUI generation to the masses.

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