Seeking someone to host CPANDB::Generate

CPANDB is a pretty awesome tool, in my humble opinion.

It takes a whole variety of different data sets from the CPAN group of services, and cooks them down into a single unified SQLite schema that you can access via a convenient ORLite wrapper (or access directly if you wish).

This single database file can then be used both as a convenience for simple tasks, or to build deep and complex analysis metrics of the kind I used in the creation of the CPAN Top 100 website.

The biggest problem with this module has always been the problem of server resources. To generate the database originally required downloading the CPAN Testers database. Even today in it's updated form it needs the CPAN Testers summary database, and that doesn't necessarily calculate it's metrics the way that CPANDB likes them.

To make CPANDB a truly useful tool that other parts of the CPAN ecosystem can rely on it needs to become much more stable and be updated regularly.

So this is a call out for someone to help me with hosting the CPANDB generator module. I suspect that this will ideally be someone in the CPAN Testers community, as testing data is by far the heaviest part and if you already have a copy of the CPAN Testers results database for some other purpose we could leverage it directly without obscene amounts of copying every night.

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what exactly do you need? Memory, CPU, disk requirements? Is just to generate the DB or also to host it?


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