New unrestricted license for Perl software

Since someone saw fit to write a Wikipedia article about my DWTFYWWI license, I thought I'd write a Software::Licence module for it. Now you can specify license = DWTFYWWI in Dist::Zilla, and anything else that uses Software::License.

It's the first Software::License::* not in the core Software::License distribution (RJBS refused my patch to integrate it). It might not be for long, FLORA has threatened to release WTFPL support.


This is the license that I want to use many times and have thought about making one called "It's Free Leave Me The Fuck Alone Fix It Your Own Fucking Self Patches Welcome KTHNXBYE". I think it's a slightly kinder version of what I imagine mst might have created, the "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFDFFFFFDWTF license (FFFFF)".

Just the other day I was wondering if Software::License actually has WTFPL. Alas, it does not. I thought about patching it up.

Why wouldn't rjbs accept DWTFYWWI? I'm assuming it's not an approved license?

My guess is it isn't one of the "standard" (however you want to define that) licenses out there. Otherwise every Tom, Dick, and Harry could lobby to include their own made up license.

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