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I would like to buy a Hailo

Myself and the other author of Hailo just got what looks to be very odd spam asking us whether someone could buy a copy of Hailo.

Here's an E-Mail that was sent to Hinrik:

I want to buy a Marklov pluggable engine, Where can i buy one, i am coming to
Iceland for a visit, can i come to your shop?

And, in another E-Mail sent to me:

I would like to buy a Hailo. Where can i get one and how much do they cost?
Thanks Julie

Clearly I should quit my dayjob and start selling copies of Hailo on CD in a dedicated store just for this purpose.

More seriously though, is anyone else getting similar spam these days about their CPAN distros? It seems odd to get a couple of these E-Mails within a few days.

We did have someone contact us a couple of years ago legitimately wanting to buy a license for of Hailo. It took quite a long E-Mail exchange to convince that person that yes, we were in fact giving it away for free.

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