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Testing on different platforms

Today I released Text::BibTeX 0.40_3. I hope it to be the final release (that is, 0.40 will get out with the same code). But I just tested it with Strawberry Perl, Linux (Arch Linux) and Mac OS X (intel, Leopard).

We can't test on all available architectures, and that's why CPAN Testers exist. Long live to them. But sometimes it would be cool if we could use a machine and do some experiments before releasing. Waiting for the module to be picked and tested is not an efficient method.

It would be cool to create a set of queues (one per architecture/operating system) where CPAN a…

Text::BibTeX 0.40 Released

I adopted Text::BibTeX a long time ago and had a lot of complaints about its installation mechanism. This was mainly due to the fact that Text::BibTeX depended on a C library that needed to be installed prior to the perl module. The C library installation was easy on generic Unix platforms but was a pain to compile under Windows.

After lot of work I managed to include the library C code in the Perl module (now Text::BibTeX has no dependencies on the library), and managed to include code to compile the library in Windows, using the Strawberry Perl distribution (that includes a mingw C …

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