Text::BibTeX 0.40 Released

I adopted Text::BibTeX a long time ago and had a lot of complaints about its installation mechanism. This was mainly due to the fact that Text::BibTeX depended on a C library that needed to be installed prior to the perl module. The C library installation was easy on generic Unix platforms but was a pain to compile under Windows.

After lot of work I managed to include the library C code in the Perl module (now Text::BibTeX has no dependencies on the library), and managed to include code to compile the library in Windows, using the Strawberry Perl distribution (that includes a mingw C compiler).

The package is needing heavy tests, but it seems usable for most users. Probably I will post on the details about its build system in a later post, as it involves Config::AutoConf methodology to detect a suitable method to compile a standalone C library.


Possibly a stupid question, but could I ask for a clue as to (a) where to get this version and (b) exactly how to get it to work on Windows. My attempts at downloading from CPAN have so far failed to result in anything that will install (for example, versions that have a Makefile.PL that generates a Makefile, which is then no use).

Thanks for that: I needed to install Config:AutoCong and Capture::Tiny first, but things now seem to work.

Joseph Wright

Hello again,

I see that this update is now available via CPAN. It doesn't seem to install Config::AutoConf automatically, and so this needs to be done by hand first. Is this deliberate?

Joseph Wright


I am using Strawberry perl 5.12 in Windows 7 64. I tried to install Text::BibTeX .48, .34. Nothing worked. .48 complained about not finding libbtparse.dll missing. .34 complained about 'Warning: No success on command[C:\strawberry\perl\bin\perl.exe Makefile.PL]'

Is there any way to use this module? I need it badly, but without using cygwin in windows.

- Gias

It worked after a fresh installation of Text::BibTeX using Perl Build.pl... .

- Gias

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