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Quote delimiters

Was writing a script and stopped just to write this and ask... what is your favorite quote delimiter? I mean, what do you use to delimit quote words, or regular expressions?

I find out that most of the time I use the slash for regular expressions because with them I can not type the preceding 'm'. But, for instance, on use CGI qw.:standard.; I am liking more the dot. When substituting paths, I prefer to use the exclamation mark.

Rarely I remember that I can use balanced braces. Probably that would be the better choice on most situations, but I forget it...


TPF Grants

To be an institution, or to represent an institution, is not a simple task. Namely, I represent The Perl Foundation (TPF), and specifically, I represent TPF Grants Committee (GC).

We, at TPF GC, receive quartely grant proposals on Perl, to be funded by TPF. We can't fund all (and we do not want to fund all). So, they are posted publicly for community discussion and are voted by the GC. We try to have in consideration the relevance of the grant to the Perl community (taking into account community comments), the grant proposal clearness (if it is clean, probably the proposer knows how t…

Compiling a full C library using Perl tools

ExtUtils::CBuilder supports C code compilation mechanisms whenever a C compiler is available. That is true on most Mac OS X installations and other UNIX flavors like Linuxes. Unfortunately that is not so common for Windows, but Strawberry Perl includes a GCC-based C compiler and a standard libc library.

This means that if a C compiler is available it should be possible to compile a C program, and to compile a C library. And that is true. Unfortunately ExtUtils::CBuilder includes method to compile bundle libraries and not common dynamic libraries. If you do not know what that means, pr…

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