Modules and commands with same name

Today I noticed that I had a module outdated, named Starman. I have no clue about what it is (ok, now I have), so I typed 'perldoc Starman'. My Mac OS X is not case sensitive (unfortunately). This resulted in the documentation of the command 'starman' to be shown. The man page says "see also, Starman".

Now, the question is... how can I get the documentation for the module, using perldoc?


I think this is perldoc fault. Even though HFS+ can read file by name with wrong case, it keeps case info, so perldoc *could* be a little bit smarter and detect such situation.

You can try man instead of perldoc, 'man Starman' and 'man starman' work correctly on my Mac.

Well, have you filed a bug with perlbug(1) If HFS+ keeps case info like you say it shouldn't be that hard to do the right thing here. Perl 5`s Git is this way

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