YAPC::EU::2010 - First Morning

I am at YAPC::EU::2010 and I would like to congratulate the Italian organization. Everything is going smoothly. Just a few itches (like the fact of the chairs not being comfortable to be more than half an hour listening to somebody).

For now I watched two presentations:

  • Larry Wall and the state of the onion was fun. Larry had his conscience represented by his wife (Glória) and one of his sons? (not sure). Unfortunately it was not easy to understand by non-native English speakers, as the talk was more talk and slides. Nevertheless, a keynote by Larry is, always, a keynote by Larry.

  • My choices led me to the following session with Allison Randal talking about dynamic languages. It was a nice talk for somebody that doesn't have any idea of what is the difference, and that never tried to implement a language, being it a programming language or a simple domain specific language. I felt that the presentation was too superficial. Some real code examples of what could or could not be done with a dynamic or a static language could have been more interesting (yeah, I know 20 minutes is not enough for everything).

  • To conclude the morning session, I visited Rakudo Star talk with Patrick Michaud. I was expecting a more practical talk, where Patrick would tell what is implemented, what is not, what can already been done. But the talk was more like a project management talk, explaining why the release had that name, explaining that the team knows rakudo is too slow, talked a little on what was done and what is missing (but not explaining the relevance on those aspects to the common user) and not much more.

Hope this to get better. Or me to find better chairs. Probably this is just my bad humor.

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it was his son aron, told me gloria :

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