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Compiling Libraries, part II

In a previous post I wrote about the lack of a Perl module to build standalone C libraries. I suggested the creation of a new module, and I did it. I have my first working code available at github. I am happy to add patches as far as the main objective of the module remains intact.

At the moment I tested it with Mac OS X (Leopard) and Windows (with Strawberry Perl). In both cases, with Perl 5.12.x. So, the Build.PL might be missing a Perl v…

Compiling Libraries

Some of my main modules (modules with more users) bundle C libraries within them: Lingua::Jspell and Text::BibTeX. One of the main problems of doing this is how to detect the C compiler, and how to use it. For example, for windows, I can only support (for now) Strawberry Perl (although I consider that great enough).

At the moment I am using Config::AutoConf to detect libraries and headers. Probably I would use ExtUtils::PkgConfig for libraries that know what that is. But that is not enough. I need to know how to link a standalone library, and that information is not available on any m…

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