"Works for me!"

For some time that on different situations I have heard programmers answer and close bug reports with a "Works for me!" sentence.

I think that kind of answer is from somebody that doesn't want to bother asking for details on what is going on, and making his/her software better. When a programmer answers this, why is he or she making his code available? Or, if he or she is making the code available `as is', why they create a project page and the ability to submit bug reports? Also, if it works for you and you are not interested why that piece of code is not working elsewhere, I can't understand why we, at Perl community, have CPAN Testers.

Note that there are situations and situations, and I can agree that in some situations this would be a suitable answer.

But what I would like to say here is, please try to reduce that amount of "Works for me!" sentences per square meter.

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