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Perl Feature Request, or am I missing something?

One of the most simple things you can do with Perl, is process text files. For that, you usually use the diamond operator, you chomp the read line, and process, line by line.

This is great and works mostly of the times.

Or, in the other hand, works when you can control where your files, the ones being processed, come from.

Because, if you want to make a generic application, you need to know that when running on Unix, chomp will remove the newline, but not the carriage return character, unlike when the same script is run under windows.

And I think that is annoyi…

Yet Another Dancer Website

It just got official today, although already listed in Dancer Web Site for some time. Livro-Aberto, is a Dancer website to track current progress of Portuguese on Gutenberg Project and Distributed Proofreaders. Therefore, it is written in Portuguese, sorry.

There isn't much that I can say about the website. It still lacks a backend (we are editing the database directly) although one is planed, using Dancer::Plugin::SimpleCRUD. Curre…

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