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It just got official today, although already listed in Dancer Web Site for some time. Livro-Aberto, is a Dancer website to track current progress of Portuguese on Gutenberg Project and Distributed Proofreaders. Therefore, it is written in Portuguese, sorry.

There isn't much that I can say about the website. It still lacks a backend (we are editing the database directly) although one is planed, using Dancer::Plugin::SimpleCRUD. Current database access is performed using Dancer::Plugin::Database, emails are being sent with Dancer::Plugin::Email and all templates are Template::Toolkit powered (through the respective plugin).

It is running in Apache fast-cgi (fcgid), and the database is MySQL.

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I'm really happy to see it.

And thank you for doing so much in Dancer: impressive and persistent progress, and a lot of good spirit and fun.

You make the community a warmer place for me, and I suspect to others as well. :)

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