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Dancer Recent News (1.3060 and the future 1.3070)

Dancer is moving (or dancing?). There are some news (some more relevant than others) that I would like to share here.

First some less relevant, but nevertheless useful features. Starting from 1.3060 you can access parameters values using a similar syntax with CGI:

   get "/foo" => sub {  my $name = param("name"); };

Not a killer feature, but handy. Also useful, there is an accessor for cookies:

   get "/bar" => sub {  my $cookie_value = cookie "cookie_name";  };

The location and name of the log file can be defined in the configurat…

Perl, Perl 5, Perl 6, and names

First, please, you are free to comment, but I do not want to open a flame war or anything. Also, I do not think this is the place for this to be discussed. This post is just my humble opinion.

I think Perl 6 is a bad name for the new language Larry (and Damian and others) are defining. First, before the language, although based on Perl 5, is a new language. Second, because the name is around for too many time, making it bad advertising for the language itself, and for the community. Third, because it makes hard to Perl 5 to advance.

In fact, I think that k…

A good reason not to version submodules.

Probably you do not agree with my point of view, but I think that adding version numbers to sub-modules is, most of the times, counter-productive.

Explaining what I mean by adding version numbers to sub-modules. If I have a module, named Foo::Bar that ships with Foo::Bar::Helper, probably I don't want to add a version to Helper module.

Or if you do, be sure to keep or increment it on every release you do.

Why this matters? Well, it matters to the people who use cpan and the r command t…

Being a Dancer

For some time now, I am a Dancer contributor. It all started in the last Christmas (everything in the Perl community start or end at Christmas time), with Dancer Advent Calendar.

Getting a little behind... I tried to learn to use Catalyst some time ago, reading a Packt Publishing book and found at that time that the book was already outdated. Unfortunately that is standard in Technology, and the books that keep up to date for some time are the ones that focus the foundations of computer science, and not the technology itself. It didn't work. Probably I was not tuned to the MVC model, …

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