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The CPAN Book - Chapter 2

Just after Sawyer X gave a quick review on my chapter 2, on Modern OO programming, I am making the second chapter PDF file available on the book website.

Before leaving you reading the document, I would like to make it clear that i really want to make this chapter this way, presenting first Moo, then Mouse, and finally Moose. I know that the order is not cronological. It is just the order of presenting, each time, a more complex module. I didn't know Moo, Mouse or Moose. I had to learn them all from scratch, and I did it in this order. And I liked it.

Other than that, please, comment and suggest any correction you find relevant.

Deploying Dancer application in DotCloud

Yesterday I had a lot of work to push my code to dotcloud, using the new client, 0.4.1. This mainly because the structure of DotCloud services changed.

These are some pointers to help if you get into the same problems:

  • Now the dotclout push command doesn't copy your code to a specific service. It is copied to all services, even for mysql servers. Also, the copy is not performed directly to the server. First, it is done to an intermediate upload server, and then sent to all your service servers.
  • If you have your code under git, runni…

The CPAN Book

About a month or two months ago I started writing together with Smash, a book on CPAN modules and frameworks. The final name and table of contents is not yet fully defined, but some chapters are already popping out.

I put up a simple page where the draft documents will appear. I know the URL sucks, but I might fix it soon. At the moment I made one chapter available.

The final document will be made available in electronic format freely to the community (without that DRAFT watermark, that is …

Task::Dancer 0.29

Task::Dancer is just a collection of everything-Dancer. It was started by Sawyer X, and now I'm helping maintaining it.

Being a collection of all modules (plugins, mostly) for Dancer, it is a good way to show external progress in the framework (the internal progress was blogged a few days ago).

This new release includes:

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