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About a month or two months ago I started writing together with Smash, a book on CPAN modules and frameworks. The final name and table of contents is not yet fully defined, but some chapters are already popping out.

I put up a simple page where the draft documents will appear. I know the URL sucks, but I might fix it soon. At the moment I made one chapter available.

The final document will be made available in electronic format freely to the community (without that DRAFT watermark, that is there just so you know this wasn't yet revised). Also, a printed version will be available, probably in lulu, but not yet totally defined.

The book is being written in PseudoPod, and it available on GitHub. Refer to the book page for details.

I am happy with comments, corrections and grammar fixes. We know our English sucks. Just try to be positive, or we might end up quitting from this job :)

UPDATE: check the new webpage address:


This looks like a great project. I would say that some kind of guide to CPAN is actually badly needed. Thanks for doing this!

Great idea! I think I need to poke around in the source a bit later...

Please do not (yet) include Moo in your book.

Mouse and Moose are both very stable modules which compliment each other fairly well, but ultimately do not always easily play well together. It is, and always has been, a stop-gap solution (a really good one too, gfx++).

Moo is an attempt by Matt Trout to solve this problem such that a Moo class can easily be automagically upgradable to a Moose class when needed during runtime. The idea is that it will alleviate the need for Mouse entirely by making Moose lazily loaded if and only if you need it. That said, Moo is still in the quite experimental stage (mst probably disagrees with that statement, but really, the mst definition of "experimental" is a scary thing to behold) and (at least for now) so should not be actively recommended to people (yet).

Alberto, do you have rss link to that website/project?

Hi Alberto,
I own the domain which is admittedly a little hokey. It doesn't look like I'm going to do anything with the name and would be up for donating it to this project.

Let me know. Keep up the great work.
Luis :)

What would be nice to have is:
* Web frameworks (including Plack / PSGI)
* Event loop / Async

Is it also going to include things like CPAN::Mini?

By the way...great idea.

I would think creating a local CPAN mirror would warrant a section in there somewhere. But that is just my opinion. :)

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