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As you might know, TPF awards grants to some people, for some tasks. There are some huge grants, like Nicholas Clark's grant or Dave Mitchell's grant on Perl 5. Unfortunately not all of us have the time and/or the knowledge to help in such low level tasks. Nevertheless, TPF has a grant committee that awards small grants (ranging from $500 to $2000) for smaller tasks. Some examples include documentation writing or tests writing for some relevant module, the implementation of some service in the web, the development of a specific module, etc.

Note that if you have a project in mind and you think it is worth more than $2000, you can propose parts of it. Give a big picture of what you would like to do, and define a sub-task. It is relevant that the sub-task is useful by itself, of course. But once you complete it, and if you show quality in your work, and you meet deadlines, it is very probably you get a second grant to complete your work.

At the moment TPF has extended its deadline for grant proposals. Submit them until the end of the month of November. You can read the complete call for grants in The Perl Foundation blog.


I think the TPF would help itself a lot by preparing projects they'd like to see done so people could apply to take up a grant.

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