Solaris build problems... help?

Hello. I am needing some help to understand some cpan testers build failures under Solaris. The reports are:

If you have any idea on what is going on, please post here a comment, or mail me.


I can repro it on my opensolaris with sun cc.
Looks like cc -x c++ does not produce loadable shared libs.
I'll try to fix it by using CC instead.

Hi Reini, Alberto,

I am the bugreporter of the Solaris Perl build problems:

I am setting up a Solaris Perl testing farms thanks to the nice people of OpenCSW. Because of lack of time I haven't touched it in some time. But in case you need help reproducing the problem, I have access to Solaris on both x86 en sparc so in case you need help testing or whatever, let me know.

The email on the bug report is working.


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