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CPAN is all broken, now

I am not sure whose fault is, but Test::Pod now verifies for characters outside ASCII, and complains a missing =encoding directive. I like this check to be done, but I do not think that breaking half of the CPAN is a good idea. It would be better to just carp for the error, but not make it fail. This would give time to authors to fix their modules. In a later release, this could be a fatal error.

Now, we have Dancer, DBI and a lot of other modules broken, not installing cleanly from CPAN.

Stealing from Python

We all know that Python, Perl and Ruby (ok, and PHP, and probably other languages) are always stealing ideas from one another. This is a nice thing to do.

After programming a few with Python there is a couple of details I like. I know not all are possible to implement in Perl. Some of them are, and I would love if they were. I know not all people agree with me (that good, too). Nevertheless, I present here a couple of ideas.

Although I do not like relying only in indentation for blocks, I like the fact that conditionals and loops does not need parenthesis. It makes the code mu…

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