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Deploying Dancer application in DotCloud

Yesterday I had a lot of work to push my code to dotcloud, using the new client, 0.4.1. This mainly because the structure of DotCloud services changed.

These are some pointers to help if you get into the same problems:

  • Now the dotclout push command doesn't copy your code to a specific service. It is copied to all services, even for mysql servers. Also, the copy is not performed directly to the server. First, it is done to an intermediate upload server, and then sent to all your service servers.
  • If you have your code under git, runni…

Task::Dancer 0.29

Task::Dancer is just a collection of everything-Dancer. It was started by Sawyer X, and now I'm helping maintaining it.

Being a collection of all modules (plugins, mostly) for Dancer, it is a good way to show external progress in the framework (the internal progress was blogged a few days ago).

This new release includes:

Dancer Recent News (1.3060 and the future 1.3070)

Dancer is moving (or dancing?). There are some news (some more relevant than others) that I would like to share here.

First some less relevant, but nevertheless useful features. Starting from 1.3060 you can access parameters values using a similar syntax with CGI:

   get "/foo" => sub {  my $name = param("name"); };

Not a killer feature, but handy. Also useful, there is an accessor for cookies:

   get "/bar" => sub {  my $cookie_value = cookie "cookie_name";  };

The location and name of the log file can be defined in the configurat…

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