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TPF with new Call For Grants

The Perl Foundation has a new call for grants open. Check details here

2011Q4: Call for Grant Proposals

TPF just opened a call for grant proposals. See details here:

TPF 2010Q3 Request for Grant Proposals

The Perl Foundation is looking at giving some grants ranging from $500 to $3000 in August 2010.

In the past, we've supported Adam Kennedy's PPI, Strawberry Perl and Perl on a Stick, Nicholas Clark's work on Perl internals, Jouke Visser's pVoice, Chris Dolan on Perl::Critic and many others (just check for more references).

You don't have to have a large, complex, or lengthy project. You don't even have to be a Perl master or guru. If you have a good idea and the means and ability to accomplish it, we want to hear fr…

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