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Dancer article on SDJ

Some time ago I was invited to write a Perl article to Software Developers Journal. It is (as far as I could gather) a magazine based on Poland. Their website is at It is a paid magazine, so to read it you should buy the magazine.

Although the magazine doesn’t have good procedures for publication (there isn’t a review phase where the authors can check if everything is fine) we think (yes, I co-authored the article with Nuno “smash” Carvalho) that the article is interesting. Probably with some English errors written by us, and probably with some others introduces by the editors. And yes, it is not our fault that they write Pearl instead of Perl… oh shame…

We are working the permission to post the article in the web. Probably we can in some time. For now, buy the magazine.

Task::Dancer 0.29

Task::Dancer is just a collection of everything-Dancer. It was started by Sawyer X, and now I'm helping maintaining it.

Being a collection of all modules (plugins, mostly) for Dancer, it is a good way to show external progress in the framework (the internal progress was blogged a few days ago).

This new release includes:

Being a Dancer

For some time now, I am a Dancer contributor. It all started in the last Christmas (everything in the Perl community start or end at Christmas time), with Dancer Advent Calendar.

Getting a little behind... I tried to learn to use Catalyst some time ago, reading a Packt Publishing book and found at that time that the book was already outdated. Unfortunately that is standard in Technology, and the books that keep up to date for some time are the ones that focus the foundations of computer science, and not the technology itself. It didn't work. Probably I was not tuned to the MVC model, …

Yet Another Dancer Website

It just got official today, although already listed in Dancer Web Site for some time. Livro-Aberto, is a Dancer website to track current progress of Portuguese on Gutenberg Project and Distributed Proofreaders. Therefore, it is written in Portuguese, sorry.

There isn't much that I can say about the website. It still lacks a backend (we are editing the database directly) although one is planed, using Dancer::Plugin::SimpleCRUD. Curre…

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