Celebrating Perl 6 with a full menu

Rakudo Star, the first [almost] complete and usable implementation of Perl 6, is expected to be released this Thursday, July 29. It is obvious that the community is looking forward to it as there has been a lot of talking, so the Barcelona Perl Mongers will be celebrating, taking advantage of the fact that it coincides with our monthly meeting.

We have prepared a pretty complete menu to introduce you to Perl 6:

  • 20:00 - entrée: a little tutorial to install Rakudo and Parrot
  • 20:30 - first course: the translation of the Perl 6 presentation in Warszawa.pm
  • 21:00 - second course: Pm's presentation at this year's OSCON
  • 22:00 - desserts: /(sausage|beer)*/ out in the fresh

The chosen venue is the traditional C6-E101 room in the C6 building at UPC's Campus Nord (the same place for those of you who have attended previous mongers parties). If everything goes according to plan, we will even be broadcasting the event.

Edit: Thanks to snarkyboojum for reminding me that it's not fully complete yet, but almost there.


Sounds delicious!

The only thing I'd say is, be careful about presenting Rakudo Star as a "complete" Perl 6. It's not a complete Perl 6 (such a beastie doesn't exist yet), though it is quite usable, and heaps of fun to play with (albeit unoptimised and somewhat buggy)!

People may be a little disappointed if they expect a "complete" Perl 6 :)

All the best with your Rakudo Star feast :D

Wish I could be there for the party. This is great news :)

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